Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Review | NASV Self-Roating Curling Tongs

I was kindly sent these self-turning curling tongs from Kbeauzon to try! Kbeauzon are a lovely Korean company, established in 2017, who sell Korean beauty products through Amazon. I have naturally curly hair but when I go out I ALWAYS curl my hair because my curls are frizzy and not that defined.

I was intrigued by the fact these had a rotating barrel, especially because I'm super lazy. They also came with hair clips which helps when sectioning the hair which was a nice little extra.

These curling tongs are so easy to use! Admittedly, I didn't have high hopes.  I thought my hair would get tangled in the barrel and it just wouldn't work but if you’re lazy (like me) then the self turning barrel just makes things 100x easier. I did think it might be a pointless luxury but it does work, the speed of it is slow so you can control the curl.

The tongs also have a timer that beeps for how long to hold the hair for - 1, 2 then 3 beeps so you don't have to keep checking the heat of your hair or like me waiting for the steam to appear (oops)

I only curled half my hair but this took around 10 minutes after I got the hang of using them. You have to use small sections of hair but you get amazing, defined curls from minimal effort. They heat up so quick and have four temperature settings so can use on any thickness of hair!

The barrel features ionic technology which is said to prevent frizz (perfect for me) and the barrel is coated in ceramic and tourmaline which preserves hair health. 

I love how the curls came out, defined and not frizzy at all! I added a photo at the end of the post

If you’re interested in these curling tongs they are currently on sale and retail at £48 ($68)  on Amazon (click here)

P.s The cord has an American plug so you will have to get an adaptor but I got one off Amazon for £3

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