Thursday, 12 April 2018

My Big Beauty Day Out Experience

I attended Big Beauty Day Out last week in Hawker House in London. Big Beauty Day Out is a new beauty event that had many influencers and brands attending. I attended Beauty Con in 2017 and I was disappointed so I was hoping the same wouldn't happen, but I was pleasantly surprised.

The whole day was so organised, a 'passport' system was in place so you could get a go on each fair ground stall to get a freebie and a free meal all included in original ticket price (£30). Also, the ferris wheel and carousel were free to ride all day! Also included in my ticket, I got a meet and greet slot.  Although I didn't use it, it looked so well organised and everyone seemed happy!

Throughout the day there was so many opportunities to meet influencers. Alongside the planned meet-ups there was meet ups with specific brands and they were just walking around. I went to Jordan Lipscombe's meet up and q&a with Benefit. She was so lovely but unfortunately only 15 people were allowed to meet her which was a bit frustrating as they made it out like it was gonna be a huge meet-up and there was quite a few people there, but it was still good!

The fair ground section was so cute! Loads of little carnival games form each brand to win a freebie (always won something no matter what). I got so many freebies, all full size, from brands such as Nip and Fab, Tangle Teezer and Kiko!

There were so many food choices from burgers to pizza all made fresh in front of you as well as so many places to sit and chill. Such a good venue to have it at! Also, it was a nice little extra that the food was included in the ticket price.

I'll definitely be attending next year (if it's on again, fingers crossed). It was so well organised, so many influencers there as well as so many amazing brands.


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