Monday, 6 April 2020

10 Reasons you should do Camp America

If you're reading this you might be questioning whether or not to do Camp America or simply just intrigued on what it involves.  I was supposed to do it in 2018 and bailed and even in 2019 I almost bailed again the day before.  But honestly, I wish I could do it all over again!  As anyone who has spoke to me since coming back from America, you'll know I don't shut up about it but was just an amazing three months!

So if you're unsure, keep reading!

1. You get to make so many new friends from all over the world

2. You get to travel after

With the J-1 Visa you get 30 days travelling after you leave camp.  I managed to squeeze 10 states into the 30 days and despite it consisting of 18 hour coach jounreys and questionable hostels, it was amazing

3. You get 3 months in the sun

Coming from the UK, you know our summer is usually a week long, so getting three months in hot weather is a bonus.  My camp was in West Virginia and it was over 30 degrees more or less everyday. By the end of the three months I was ever so slightly tanned which as a ginger is impressive for me

4. You get to expereince 4th of July in America

At my camp we had a 4th of July carnival day and everyone dressed up, even the horses! There was a boat race (which my team one ayy). We then ended the day with a picnic and fireworks on the beach

5. You get to wear baggy clothes, no makeup and crocs (yes, crocs) everyday and not care what you look like

6.  It's such a fun job!

I was a sports counsellor so I would do sports with the kids all day but everyday was so different.  From making smores to learning how to build a camp fire, swimming, tubing in the lake, singing competitions, rock climbing, camping under the stars and staff talenet shows just to name a few things. Oh and you'll be a pro at making friendship bracelets

7.  You'll get to look forward to future camp reunions

8.  It looks amazing on yout CV and you'll stand out

9. You gain so many skills

10. You get paid! 

Some people don't know you get paid,  it's not as much as a summer job at home but you're mainly there for the expereince and the pay is a bonus and can help with your travelling after!

Picking only 10 reasons for this post was difficult but I hope this helps anyone who's unsure on whether to go!  If you're reading this and have any other questions on the application process, what to pack or anything else just ask!

Thanks for reading,

Soph xxx

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