Wednesday, 27 May 2015

My Trip To Cornwall

Hellooo, so me and my family went on a short trip to St Ives in Cornwall. I've never been to Cornwall before but I know so many people who visit all the time! We got the plane because as a family we hate driving and it's only a 40 minute flight however so many people thought it was crazy to fly!

We stayed in the Pedn Olva hotel (which is managed by my mums cousins), it was gorgeous! The view from the room was amazing and there was a heated pool and the food was fab!


View from the window next to the bed! Sorry it's blurry but this was the only picture I got, as you can see it's so close to the beach!

The pool looking over the beach and the sea!

The beach was beautiful, we woke up one of the mornings really early and went for a run along it

We also went to a cute little vintage cafe, it was so nice we went back the next day! 

Scones are a must when in Cornwall I've been told!

The next photos are just some random photos from when we went for a walk, everything is so cute, I loved it!




Hope you enjoyed this blog post! It was more of a personal one just to look back on but I love reading blogs like this! 

Thankyou for reading!

Sophie x

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