Thursday, 1 January 2015

My 2015 goals

Happy New Years! Hope you've all had a wonderful 2014 and a fab 2015 to come! I thought I'd share today my 2015 goals (New Years resolutions some people prefer to call them!) 

In 2015:

Meet Alfie (Pointlessblog) - if you don't know who he is, Alfie is a well known youtuber and he's one of my favourites (in my top three!) and I love him to pieces so meeting him would be a dream come true!

Get a tweet off Alfie (Pointlessblog) & Zoe (Zoella) - I've been noticed a few times on Twitter by Alfie but a tweet would be just wow

Meet all Internet friends - I have made so many friends since being on Twitter in the fandom and it's been fab! I already have plans for meeting a few but I'd love to meet as many as possible!

Drink more water - this is such a simple thing that will benefit loads for my skin etc however I just seem to never drink enough

Keep up a daily skin routine - my skin is really bad at the moment and I feel like this will benefit; I always try and keep up a daily routine but end up stopping after a couple of weeks!
Don't care what others think - I need to try and do this! I care way to much about what other people think of me and it's stopping me from doing so many things so I'm determined to defiantly try and accomplish this one.

Stretch everyday (eventually splits) - I do dance and one of the types we do is Acro (acrobatics) and I really want to beable to do the splits but I can barely touch my toes so I'm gonna try and stretch once a day!

Eat more fruit - Again this is such an easy thing to do but I never actually get round to doing it! 

Save more - this is a must! I'm gonna try and save as much money as I can for the end of the year

Be more confident - I am not confident in the slightest; Last years New Years resolution was to be more talkative and loud in class and not be that girl who just sits in the back of the classroom and I did it and my grades went up and I made a ton of new friends (although I did get told off for talking there and then) but it was 100% worth it! So I really want to become more confident!

So those are my 10 goals for 2015! Comment down below yours 2015 goals or tweet me @ssophiehill - I'll be replying to all comments and tweets☺️

Also any blog post ideas you have or want to see comment below or tweet me and I'll be happy to do them! 

Thankyou for reading! 



  1. Hi, I follow you on Twitter and Ive just been reading your blog posts and they a really really good! My 2015 goals are to: do more of what makes me happy, improve my blog and stop caring what other people think :) x

    1. awh thankyou so much! That means a lot, love those three goals! think ill be doing them aswell!x