Friday, 6 July 2018

Student tips: How to ACTUALLY Earn Money Online

With everything going on at the moment and some people losing their jobs and being careful with their money I thought I'd share my tips on earning money online as well as tips on saving money. I'm a very savvy person and I thrive in finding the cheapest deals, discount codes and earning money whilst sat at home!

First, two ways to earn money that actually work and I use everyday!

1.  Get cashback everytime you shop

There's many cashback websites but I've found TopCashBack to be my personal favouritw.

You need to drill it into your brain to go through TopCashBack when online shopping because I used to always forgot and then you're missing out on free money!

Here's a screenshot of my earnings from the past three weeks, it all adds up so quickly and it's free money! All you have to do is go to TopCashBack, search the website and it will direct you and then the rest is the exact same

If you havn't signed up yet click here to get started!

2. Do Surveys

I know everyone says this and there's so many websites but I have one survey webite that I use every day. QMEE!!! I use the Qmee app on my phone instead of the desktip version just because it's easier.

Qmee is the only survey website I've come across that doesn't have a minimum amount before you can withdraw your funds.  So I can do one survey and get 30p and transfer it straight to my PayPal account!  It can take time to complete the surveys but I tend to fill out surveys when watching Netflix or whilst I'm eating dinner.  Just yesterday I made £5 which I think is pretty good considering it's whilst I was binge watching Glee!

Now three ways to save money!

1.  ALWAYS search for a discount code

I will never complete an online order without searching for a discount code. However,  recently I found an extension for Chrome called 'Piggy'.  Once you're at checkout it automatically finds all the possible discount codes and inputs them for you.  Never miss a discount code again!

2. Check second hand selling websites!!!

Ebay, Depop, Facebook Marketplace!

I would go into a store to try on an item of clothing and then see if I could find it on Depop for a fraction of the price!  Or go into a store and look at, for example a Coffee machine and get a second-hand one on Facebook Marketplace for near to nothing!

3. Get Freebies

It's become part of my routine that every morning I check Latest Free Stuff for any freebies!  It's usually quite random stuff but I've got loads of free perfume samples, washing tablets, razors, food vouchers and so much more!

So these are just a few things I do to save money and earn money online.  It's become part of my routine!

Thanks for reading,

Soph x

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