Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Xtava Hair Straighteners Review & Giveaway

Hair straighteners have to be one of the many key essentials for women so you will definitely need a good, reliable pair to last you as long as possible!

I recieved the Xtava Pro-Satin Infrarede Hair Straighteners the other day which state that they achieve salon-worthy shine and I was pleasantly surprised!

Stay tuned to the end as i'm giving a pair away!

The straighteners are £29.99 and they definitely felt like they cost a lot more!  The packaging felt so luxurious, they came in a box which then had a magneticly sealed box inside which revealed the straighteners in their own little pouch.

My initial thought was that the flat iron was very big which is good for me as i have quite thick, curly hair therefore I can straighten more hair in a shorter time.

As you can see, the heat comes from an infrared strip. After a little googling I found that styling tools that use infrared technology lock in moisture, therefore not leaving your hair dry. It also heats the hair from inside out which in turn doesnt damage the cuticles in the hair which leads to less tension on the hair leaving you with healthier looking and feeling hair.

I turned them on and they heated up so fast, you could see the temperature increasing, it went from 66 degrees to 179 in about 20 seconds

Before starting to straighten my hair, I used the Tresemme heat protection spray. This is my favourite one as it controls frizz and leaves your hair feeling soft and smelling amazing!

An instruction booklet is provided which guides you what temperature ot set your straighteners to depending on your hair type

Like I said, I have thick, dry hair so I set mine between the directed temperatures at 210 degrees.

In the before and after photo I had half my hair up but it took, literally, not even a minute to straighten that part of my hair! They worked so well! With other straigheners my hairs still been slightly wavy so i'd have to go over my hair a few times therefore leaving it drier but with these I just had to go over once and my hair was straight and felt smooth

Fancy getitng yout hands on a pair of these straighteners? I'm giving a pair away! Click on the link below💋

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