Sunday, 15 November 2015

Winter Look Book

Heyy!! So this is my first look book, overall I took around 100 photos and ended up with 15 for three outfits because i generally don't like photos being taken of me but I thought I'd try one!!

First outfit is defo my fave! Just some warm tights, a plain top and a skirt. This skirt is from Ark and I think the colours are really wintery and Christmassy!

For over the top I have this beige poncho from Blue Vanilla
(Its not on the website anymore but most high street stores are selling ponchos!it's like I'm wearing a huge blanket around me its so cosy! It also has a tassel trim which gives it that gorgeous extra detailing. The material is so soft and not itchy at all which is what I was worried about - It keeps me so warm and I defo recommend getting one it's like a scarf and jumper mixed into one.

The colour is really 'in' right now and goes with more or less anything so it's perfect to just throw over any outfit.

It also has a turtle roll neck which makes it ever cosier - will definetly be wearing this numerous times over the winter! I don't know why I didn't get a poncho sooner!

Next, is another staple outfit for winter. Some blue denim ripped jeans from Ark (not on the website anymore) and one of my favourite items of clothing I own is a blue, white and yellow striped shirt which is open at the back which is also from Ark (its on sale!)  and some Brown Chelsea boots from Primark

Last outfit is another skirt from Ark. I love the colours in this! The top is from Topshop

Hope you enjoyed my first look book! 

Here's links to the shops again:

Thankyou for reading,

Sophie X

(ps I worked with Blue Vanilla, Thankyou for the poncho and thanks to EtailPR -

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