Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Best Fake Tan on the Market?!

I was lucky enough to be sent some fake tan from Australis. A brand which has recently just landed in the UK after having great success in Austrlia. They have created a new range of fake tan suited to your skin tone.

First thing i noticed is the tan is odourless. ODOURLESS! I hate the smell of fake tan which is what always put me off it but this tan is a win win.

It's suited and adapted to your skin tone so I had one suited to pale skin which was ash based.  So first applying the tan it was kind of purply which I was a bit sceptical about at first. Also, when you apply it looks VERY dark but stick with it! It gave me the nicest tan (a dark, cool brown). 

On Superdrug they added the benefits of the tan - "Added moisturising ingredients deliver an intensely hydrated, streak-free and long-lasting result. This Ash based formula compliments natural fair skin, for a dark cool-brown tan. While all base colours can be used on all skin tones, Ultimate Dark allows you to tailor your tan to your unique skin tone."

I apply one layer before I go to bed and then wash it off the next morning and you end up with a gorgeous, dark tan which lasts for over a week! Applying it was easy, I used their mitt and it was streak and patchy free.

Me, being a ginge, means I am very pale and a keen fake tanner s always on the hunt for a good fake tan and i've defo found the one im sticking with. (did i mention it's cruelty free!!!)

So baso...I'm pale af and this tan gives me a super dark, natural looking tan and it doesn't stink like normal fake tan so it's a win win

How pale I am before the tan:

me after using Australis (all a couple days after application):

Australis Tan is available in Superdrug and is currently on offer so now is a good time to try it! 

I'd 100% recommend their tanning mitt as well as it's micro fibre so means no streaks!

Thank you to Australis for sending me out their products to try and helped me find my new go to tan!

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