Wednesday, 26 August 2015

50 reasons to Smile

Hey everyone!!

Even though it's summer the weather here in England is miserable which makes me feel a bit miserable so I thought I'd do a list of my 50 reasons to smile. Apart from the obvious family and friends here's my list of 50 things that make me happy. Not only are these 50 things that make me happy, it's also 50 reasons to stay positive. 

1. Puppy's (especially mine)

2. Strangers who smile at you

3. Taking a stupidly long time to do my makeup 

4. Getting a random compliment 

5. The sound of rain on the window

6. Hugs - especially when I really need them 

8. Discovering new music and listening to on repeat 

9. Disney Pixar!

10. Concerts

11. Printing out photos 

12. One Direction

13. Laughing till I cry 

14. Finding forgotten money in my pocket

15. Looking through old photos

16. Getting new makeup

17. Being spontaneous 

18. Internet friends

19. Scented Candles

20. Taking my makeup off after a long day 

21. A cup of tea 

22. Popping bubble wrap

23. Autumn clothes 

24. Getting into a hot bubble bath 

25. Getting packages in the post (I'm such a kid)

26. Mocha Frappuchinos  

27. Netflix days

28. Pancakes and syrup

29. Dancing 

30. Throwing things out & de-cluttering

31. Making new friends

32. Making people laugh

33. Flipping my pillow over to to cold side 

34. Everything about Christmas 

35. The feeling after Crossfit

36. Getting into fresh bed sheets 

37. Baking cupcakes

38. Travelling to new places

39. Finding a bargain in the sales

40. The smell of freshly made bread

41. Waking up before my alarm 

42. Getting a comment on my blog

43. John Green books

44. Finding a relatable quote

45. Buying cute things for my room

46. New clothes

47. Freshly painted nails

48. Stepping out of my comfort zone

49. Reading a good book

50. Blogging (best till last!)

Let me know below a few things that make you smile and also if we share any! 

Thankyou for reading 

Sophie x


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