Sunday, 29 March 2015

Spring Tag

Hey guys, sorry I haven't posted recently I've had no ideas for good blog posts but it's half term now so I have two weeks off and I should be posting a few soon! Seeming as its spring I thought I'd do the spring tag just so I could post something because I feel so bad! 

1. Favourite Spring Nail Polish
100% the Rimmel London I heart Lasting Finish in number 45 - Misty Jade

It's a pastel/minty green colour and its my favourite colour in spring 

2. Must have spring lip colour

I don't really wear much colour on my lips but I know I'll be wearing my Mac lipstick in the shade 'faux' it's a pinky/nude colour which goes with everything (I went into more detail about it in my February favourites!)

3. Favourite item of spring clothing?

I've had this for over a year now and I wear it all through summer and spring - it's a bomber style jacket that's floral & sheer. All my friends call it a 'granny jacket' but I love it especially over like jeans a plain top or a plain play suit etc

4. Favourite flower

Cherry blossom - it's so pretty and I think I take a photo every time i see some!

5. Favourite spring candle

My Rhubarb and custard candle because it reminds me of summer and it's smells amazing and exactly like the sweets which are my favourite! Also it seems to last for ages!

6. Favourite perfume/body spray

Recently I've been loving the Soap and glory spray because it's so fresh and so affordable!

7. What is spring like where you live?

Currently it's chucking it down with rain but recently it's been sunny but there's always a breeze which drops the temperature down:(

8. Favourite thing about spring?

I love the clothes, e.g I can still wear jeans but with cute little crop tops 

9. Any plans for spring break?

I call them Easter holidays but I'm going  to London next weekend which im very excited about because London is my favourite place and next Thursday im going to Alfie's (pointlessblog) book signing which I'm so so excited for and I might do a blog post on it!  Apart from that I have a lot of revision to do which is boring but has to be done

I hope you enjoyed this mini post and I promise I'll post some more, better posts soon!

Answer some of the questions below if you want and I'll see you soon!

Sophie x

P.s I did skip a few of the questions because I had no answer🙈


  1. loved this post <3

  2. Great post i think ill have to try the nail polish it looks so nice

  3. Thankyou! I highly recommend it!!x