Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Review: Sleek Highlighter Palette in Precious Metals

Hey guys, a couple of weeks ago I came across this gorgeous palette, I'd never used any other Sleek products before and was amazed at the range of products they had and I will defiantly be checking their next time I'm in need of makeup! I was looking for a contour palette and I asked on Twitter what people recommend and this came up quite a few times. So I decided to try it out and I love it!

As my first highlighter/contouring palette I didn't have much to expect and compare to but from many reviews I knew this was a good palette. Here Sleek Makeup have paired three gorgeous cream highlighters with one powder/bronzer all thrown together in one mirrored compact.

As shown in one of the pictures above the packaging states that 'the iridescent, metallic finishes add a radiant glow and a luminous polish to the skin' which I 100% agree with. It also includes a step by step mini guide on how to use each powder; applying to the inner corners of the eyes, across the brown bone and along the tops of cheekbones. 

These four shades suit my skin tone really well and defiantly inhanse the specific features. Now you probably think you're going to look very shimmery and gold when applying these to your face but I can assure you they don't appear as pigmented as they are in the palette and on my hand (as I applied many layers so you could see the colour). I have found them all to last nearly a full school day (from 8-2) so 6 hours. Just to add I don't use the brush included as I find it to small and find the bristles feel very plasticky.

I highly recommend this and at a price of £9.99 in any superdrug you can't really go wrong (I went into three superdrugs and they were all out of stock  of only this palette but that's a good sign!) It's very easy to travel with as usually I'm very gentle with anything powder related but the powders and creams seem to be very secure and mess free. 

Comment below if you have this product and what your opinion is on it or if you're now going to try it out!

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  1. I really love your blogs. You actually inspired me to write my own. I'm currently writing my first post. Thankyou so much for blogging otherwise I wouldn't have been inspired to start blogging again<3 Thankyou x

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  4. I suck at highlighting, might need to check this out!
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